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Solar city still running a bait and switch scam for Solar roofs

I just plunked down my $100 nonrefundable deposit for a solar roof that the online estimate said would be $41k for 23.3kw system with 1 powerwall included(before rebates). I saved the screen shot based on the last time I tried this last year, before Elon said "solar city is priority 1 and we will be much more cost competitive".

YEAH RIGHT...Same story as last year. I get my quote after they google world my roof and price is now $76k for 16.8kw and nothing about powerwall. What a bait and switch and not even close to the advertised prices advertised.

Im a big Tesla believer with a founders roadster already paid for, a second roadster and a cybertruck on order...TESLA FIX THIS! it is an insult to all of us and goes against everything the tenants of transparency Tesla stands for!!!



  • I suspect you got a quote for the solar panels, not the solar roof. There is no way the solar roof ever had a 23 kW system for $41K. Back last year with v2 solar roof the costs were almost double the costs of v3 today. Please recheck your first quote. Does it actually say the exact words "Solar Roof" or more likely something like "Solar System"? Also, I'm fairly sure Solar City never sold the Tesla Solar roof. I thought only Tesla offered that product
  • R.barone, I would agree with TeslaTap. I have also been following the pricing of the Tesla Solar Roof on my home (haven’t pulled the trigger yet) and it has just been going down. I don’t think Solar City ever sold a Solar Roof.
  • My Solar roof cost estimate last year before V3 was $60k for 12kW. Its now $32k for 9.36kW. The increased price is probably from powerwalls. Theres no possible conceivable way that you could get a 23.3kW solar roof installed for $41k with powerwalls.

    There is no bait & switch because your initial online ESTIMATE was an online estimate reflective of the estimated square footage of your roof without considering the actual layout and obstacles to avoid. My online estimate was 12kW, and the real world design yielded 9.36kW.

    The bait and switch you are referring to is your misunderstanding of the inaccuracies of the online estimator.

    "After you place your order, we remotely design your Solar Roof using high-resolution aerial imagery to determine your roof's area, geometry, and sun exposure which may change the price of your system."

    "There may be additional upgrades required (e.g., electric main panel, hidden conduit, roof deck replacements) which may affect your final contract price."
  • Solar Roofs are by square footage for the inactive tiles and by watts for the active solar at about $3.00 per watt before rebates. A 12 kW system would be $36,000 for the solar without a power wall and the square footage of the roof would determine the rest. My original Quote for 2,000 square feet of roof space and 13,000 watts was $42,000.00 for the Tesla Solar Roof but 5,000 watts were facing North so I cut the 5,000 north facing active panels and the price dropped to $33,000.00 so the replacement of inactive tiles made up the difference of $6,000 instead of $15,000 credit on the uninstalled Active Solar tiles. I saved $9,000.00 on the final cost but also lost $3,900 of potential 2020 Federal Income tax credits on the $15,000:00 North facing tiles by replacing them with inactive tiles.
  • Solar City hasn't existed for nearly four years. Everything about the OP doesn't sound accurate.
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