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Wing door - hit on the head!!

I just test drove the Tesla X model and was seriously considering buying it but as I was exiting the car (passenger side) the driver closed the side wing door and it just clocked me on the head so hard that I saw stars. My head is still killing me hours later. I thought there should be sensors or something to prevent someone from getting hit. Has this happened to you?
I spoke to the gal in the showroom and she said that it must have had a system failure. Does this sound right??


  • @dlewi - The falcon wing doors have sensors on the outside that detect the distance to objects above and beside the doors to adjust the opening but there are not similar distance sensors on the inside to look for objects in the way. There are sensors that detect whether something (or someone) gets in the way when the door is closing but it is based on the door hitting something or if the door cannot close completely when something is caught between the door and the frame. In your case, the door hit you while it was closing and should have stopped with an "object detected" error on the MCU screen. If you were standing up while the door was coming down, then the force of the door would have harder than if you were not moving (which you clearly felt for some time). Others have used a procedure of looking several times and/or announcing that the doors are closing because of similar experience.
  • in my car, if you are standing right in front of the falcon wing, when it opens it does not avoid you, but waits to hit you before stopping. it definitely has to improve and is all not safe.
  • The FWD should detect an object (or person) standing outside next to the door. If working correctly, the door should open part way without hitting the object then rise straight up as far as it can (assuming there is not also a constraint above such as a low ceiling). You probably have to duck to get in but it shouldn't hit anything. If the door does not operate like that, it requires a service to check the sensors. Sometimes the sensors that are glued to the inside skin of the door can become loose or detached that will cause the door to not detect obstacles. I believe that the sensors need at least 12 or 18 inches between the door and the object so you could get bumped if you are too close.
  • In my experience with my March 2020 Model X, there is, in fact, some kind of sensor on the inside of the door that will detect if someone is below it when closing. Also, you can test that by standing under the door and pressing the close button on the pillar. It should recognize you're underneath and give you the obstruction beep.
    That being said, we also have had some occasions where someone isn't directly under the door and gets hit in the head as it's coming down, but it's not a hard hit - consider how fast (slowly) the door moves when closing...
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