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Still waiting

We got the first V3 roof in Massachusetts, final electrical inspection on June 24. Somehow the paperwork between Tesla and Eversource is in a black hole and we still don't have PTO as of today (August 8). Can't get dates or coherent responses. Meanwhile 6 weeks (so far) of the best sunlight wasted.


  • I'm in MA too, V3 Roof. Could you share when exactly you put in your order?
    I got the Green signal from Town and National Grid, but installation is just pending with the Scheduling team. They did not give any concrete info till now and finally said i might not get it installed by summer 2021...
  • You have to bug the living crap out of them. I am still waiting to have my roof installed. I had a crew at my house on Friday to rip the old roof off and install the underlayment. Now just waiting to have the tiles and power walls installed. I was told it will start 8/14, i have absolute no convenience this will happen. This hole process was suppose to take place 2 months ago. I have just been put off with one excuse after another. Make sure you contact your inside person and not just rely on scheduling to keep you informed.
  • I just ordered my solar roof in MA 2 days ago and uploaded my utility bills and pictures as well. What are the chances I can the solar roof installed before the end of the year so as to capture the 26% tax incentive for this year?
  • To chrysalis, we signed up initially in April 2017 (!), looking for "slate" option. Spring 2019 we were offered "smooth" instead, said OK, signed a contract for V2 in June 2019, city permits pulled in July, scheduled for fall 2019 install. Much vagueness on schedule, then late fall Tesla offered V3 at maybe 30% price drop, for early spring 2020 install. Installation pushed back due to weather and Covid, started in May. SMART program application approved, should be good to go, but for Tesla/Eversource coordination. General advice to call and email early and often.

    DKN, unlikely for this year, although your chances are better without Powerwalls, apparently.
  • @dotone Congrats on being the first in MA to have the solar roof. I've lived in Dorchester for most of my life and just recently moved to Randolph for about a year.

    Did you also apply for the connected solutions program from Eversource/Nationalgrid? I also heard they had a 0% interest Heat loan option if you got the powerwalls.
  • I called to make an appointment for the Latham NY office to visit my home nearly a month ago. I was told it would be 7-10 days before I heard from the Latham office. I never did. I made a second call to the rep I spoke with originally and he told me the same thing. Because of the tardiness in getting this appointment fulfilled, I have no more time before winter preparations are to begin here in Vermont, so I have to go another route. I was seriously interested in your revolutionary solar roof, but your sales department failed me this time. I hope this won't happen in the future.
  • @Kevin52_

    Same boat but im a step ahead of you. I went through everything to the point where they file the permit and its been 4 months since then and they just gave my project advisor the go ahead to file the permit 2 weeks ago. Meanwhile i call a few times per month asking them if theres anything i can do to expedite anything, or if there is anything waiting on my input to proceed. Im told no every time except for the time i called two weeks ago.
  • Sorry to report no progress. Lovely roof but Tesla can't seem to get the paperwork straight with Eversource. Now 11 weeks since we had our final electrical inspection and still don't have a meter or permission to operate. Anyone who signs up for a roof ought to insist on contract terms holding back say 20% at the end until you have PTO.
  • With so many ahead of me and 7,000 watts of traditional Solar in my back yard running off grid, I can Afford to wait for USA made Quality Solar Tiles, Quality installation and a Roof that is a definite upgrade from asphalt shingles. I just wish they would answer my e-mails and phone calls to coordinate with my Gutter Helmet contractor for removal and re-installing of my gutters, downspouts and Gutter Helmet since I was given a start date of September 21, 2020 and yet as of September 12, 2020 have not heard a peep about the before project start "walk through" and going over any roof repairs that will need to be done as part of the project. City Permitting, Business Licensing of the installers, working on my house, required by my city, is all "on line" because of COVID-19 and my timing to remove my existing "on the Roof" Solar Panels requires good timing and communication. Don't feel bad, you will get your "Utility hook up" with your utility and have more than 25 years of pay back on your system. Let the Tesla contractor do all the running around with them because that is what you paid for. And for everyone else, things will improve as Tesla learns more about contracting and customer service. After all, Solar City never did roofs before and I can not see how they can do this kind of a roofing job so inexpensively for the consumer and solar for this price. I had been in construction for 35 years as and IBEW Inside Wireman before retirement and my son is a General Contractor in the San Francisco Bay area and this kind of work is hard, even in the best of times, but with a pandemic and a NEW product, you just have to be patient.
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