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What are the symptoms that foreshadow you may be having MCU1 issues?

I have a 2016 Model X 90D with only 40K miles on it. I am reading a lot about MCU1 issues and have been told not to worry until at least 50-60K miles. Are there issues that start to show you many be having MCU1 problems, or does the thing just die? I did purchase the 4 year extended Tesla warranty recently, and if I had or needed to have the MCU1 unit replaced, will it be covered under my extended warranty? What things should I be "keeping an eye on"? Thanks.


  • Fully covered under the extended warranty, although there is the $200 normal charge under the extended warranty.

    There are a lot of different signs, but usually, it gets unresponsive and/or goes black. In some cases, after an update is installed problems start to occur. It's not the code in the update, but the memory area where it is stored is corrupted. I don't think there is a good "milage" or time indication, as it seems to vary a lot.

    Here's a lot more details that have been collected, and some estimated failure rates based on the vehicle age:
  • +1 TeslaTap. Had MCU die in MS. It just went dead. It was about a year ago. 45k mile, 2014. 2017 MX with a dying MCU now. I'm waiting for Tesla to admit they need to replace it. Symptoms are GPS is locked in a single location and voice command are met with an "Unauthorized User" error. MX is also at about 45k miles. I think it's way more about how much data is R/W to the on board memory, not milage. Might have more to do with hours behind the wheel rather than actual miles driven.
  • I have 20K on my car with MCU1 and I am experiencing:
    1. screen going blank occasionally,
    2. internet is very very very slow; I don't think I am able to load a single screen fully,
    3. FSD stops working partially (like auto lane change) in the middle of the drive.
    4. Always have an alert 'Parking assist unavailable', while the car is moving, to the extent it is annoying to hear warning sound from an unrelated function.
    5. Map does not load, a huge delay. On putting destination, sometimes I have to wait 30 min to route to showup. I ignore start driving sometimes.

    I have requested for an upgrade to MCU2, is this upgrade free? I have a 4 yr. warranty on the car.
  • @starlight - While I suspect some of these problems are connected, I'm not as sure it's the MCU. Might be several issues, such as a communications issue and AP processor issue. If your car is in warranty, let Tesla service figure it out.

    Warranty only covers the same processor type, i.e. MCU1. You can buy the MCU2 upgrade. It was recently dropped in price by $500 if your car is in warranty. So $1750 to get MCU2 in warranty with existing display (I think). $2250 if out of warranty with an existing display.

    This upgrade replaces both the main CPU and the instrument cluster display. Prices include labor as well.
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