Model X

Random issues

It seems the longer I have the vehicle the more odd things happen. Yesterday it was a driver's window that just decided (out of the blue) that it was going to open and then close, but not all the way as it only went halfway up, all on its own.

MCU has been freezing up constantly after the last update.

Xmas show might work if you're paitient enough to try 15-20 times and then when it does it craps out as soon as the Falcon doors start to open. Nothing near the vehicle but it ends when the doors attempt to open. They work just fine otherwise.

Summon is a joke. It usually fails 6-10 feet into movement if it moves at all. Yesterday I was trying to show someone and all the lights came on but I was getting messages that it was waiting for the intersection to 'clear'. There was no intersection, it was in a parking lot without any other cars around it.

The adaptive cruise needs to be recalibrated. Anytime a vehicle slows down in front to turn the car hammers the brakes and for all arguements sake comes to a complete stop. How can the Tesla engineers not program some nuance into it? They don't seem to understand that at all. It's ridiculous and dangerous.

And one last thing. Waking up seems to be a crapshoot these days. Some days I'll get in and it's ready to go. Other times it can be up to 3 minutes. No rhyme not reason, it's perfectly arbitrary.

What the hell do you do about these things?


  • Sounds to me like the MCU is going bad. You didn't' state the build date of your car or milage so I'm only guessing it's an older car - maybe 2015/2016?
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