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Roof design limitations?

I placed an order for a solar glass roof last Jan. It seems they are unable to install on a roof with 45 degree eaves at this time. They say the engineers have to figure it out. Is there anyone out there that has been able to have a new solar roof installed with 45 Degree angles? Send a space craft to Mars but can't figure out how to install a roof. I would have thought this would have been taken care of long ago.


  • I'm guessing my roof is 20-25 degrees or so. I've been on my solar roof several times and It is very slippery, even when dry. I can't imagine getting it installed on a 45-degree roof. The installers are walking all over when it was installed. I documented the installation along with a 3-minute time-lapse video:

    Perhaps they will figure something out, but it wouldn't surprise me if they can't ever do it. Seems really dangerous to install and do any future work. On the plus side, if you get snow, my guess is it will slide right off. That might actually be a secondary problem though if the entire roof snowpack slides off at once.
  • The eaves are 45 degree angles not the roof slope. Standard roof slope.
  • The roof is mostly 25 degrees or so, and then bends down at last few feet a 45-degree angle? Do you have a photo you can link to?

    I can see why they are trying to figure out how to handle it. I'm not sure how they can deal with the transition, or if the tiles can be mounted on the 45-degree section. Hopefully, they can figure something out.
  • Here is a link to the roof picture.
  • Thanks for the picture. Seems doable to me, but I'm not Tesla. I hope they can figure out a way to make it work.
  • I don't get it either.
  • We still waiting for the engineer department to design 170 MPH wind solar roof ?? Florida code , what happen?
  • The tiles (both solar and dummy) are tempered glass. They have different widths but all rectilinear, and tempered glass cannot be cut (it shatters). Usually edges and flashings and odd conditions are black brake metal. I suppose they could run stripes of metal all the way up the roof from the angled eaves but it wouldn't be solar and you wouldn't like the look.
  • @Alflorida - It’s not that the roof isn’t designed for 170mph yet, but it hasn’t been wind tested and certified for that speed yet. The current rating is 166mph, so they’re close.
  • Still a work in progress and tempered 22.5 degree to 45 degree edging at different lengths could be on the way. Just keep checking back and as the product improves, you could get your glass roof but right now all surfaces must be flat because the panels are all flat.
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