Solar Roof

Know of any sticky shoes to walk on a Solar Roof?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a shoe that has a great grip on smooth surfaces? I've been on my roof several times and the solar roof is surprisingly slippery - even when bone dry.


  • Try deck shoes - true sailing shoes. They have a gum sole that's pretty good good for walking on slick wet surfaces. Best designs also have grooves and flexible bands on the tread that men them like gecko feet...really grip.
  • Thanks - great idea.
  • You're in the SF area - right ? Try West Marine. They have a pretty impressive array of products including foot gear - and you can try them on. Here is their selection - based on 50+ years of sailing - my preference is Sperry.

    Second best would be REI - but their boating selection is not as good. Here is an example offering from REI
  • Nice idea with sailing shoes. Is it safe for the roof?

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  • I've walked all over the solar roof with a heavy leaf-blower (I get a lot of leaves this time of year). During install, there were up to 8 installers walking over it. Seems quite strong. I wouldn't use spiked shoes though :)
  • You say in another thread that you got some shoes - which ones ? Do they work for you ?
  • I got "Shoes for Crews Men's Freestyle II Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker". I haven't needed to get on the roof since I got them, so I don't know how well they work. Last time I used regular walking shoes with soft rubber soles, and they were not great. I'm sort of amazed I didn't slide off the roof. I never had solid footing and the roof is not very steep - maybe 20 degrees.

    Once our CA fires get put out, I expect I'll need to wash off the roof with all the ash falling on everything.
  • I just rinsed off my regular panel array this morning. It's only been a couple of months since the last rinse, but I've never seen them so dirty. I'm only getting ~60% of my usual August production, even on non-marine layer days. This smoke and ash is killing my production, and I'm in Huntington Beach, which is about thirty miles South of Los Angeles.
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