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Help! How do I integrate my gateway to my account/App ?

I'm a new owner of a house with solar panels. I finally got a new gateway that I needed to integrate w/ the solar unit. How many times do I need to email Tesla support before someone would actually add my gateway to my existing Tesla account ?


  • I had to call again and my issue was finally resolved. So, these are the steps to getting set up for 1st time home buyers w/ pre-existing panels: 1) start transfer account process (takes 2-3 weeks because I had to close escrow) 2) official account transfer takes min. 1 month. At the end, you'll get an official email. At any point, no mentioned of having to order a gateway. 3) ordering a gateway takes another 2-3 weeks since they have to order it from the mfg. 4) setting up the gateway takes another 1.5 weeks if you're diligent and don't bother w/ emails; their response rate is atrocious. At the end of over 3 months, you finally get to see how your solar panels are performing.

    I can only imagine how long it takes to replace a solar panel.
  • I went through a similar scenario last summer when we bought this house. I to this day do not use the app because it shows me one graph that do not understand. so different from the great app the previous company used that the panels came from before moving to tesla
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