Model X

Does Anyone Have Functioning Speed Sign Recognition?

I drive a March 2020 Model X but it basically does not read any speed signs. It seems that the speed limits are based on the maps and not on actual recognition of speed signs. So any roadworks are basically not recognized.

Does anyone know when this "feature" will be fixed? I can't imagine FSD working correctly if temporary speed restrictions aren't recognized.


  • Only Tesla knows. Reading speed signs is problematic too. Signs can be misread or blocked from view. For example, old AP1 cars that had sign reading would read highway 80 signs as 80 mph! It's also common to have a large vehicle or truck between you and the sign on a freeway. Then there are some trucks that display a speed sign on the rear to show what the maximum truck speed is. Sign reading then slows the car to the truck speed or speeds up if the truck is on a surface street.

    Clearly the database is not perfect either. Some complex melding of database and sign reading is likely required once FSD is implemented.
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