Missing Tesla Account link?

When I look at the Tesla web site or forum using Safari on my iPad, I no longer see a link to get to my Tesla Account. It’s not at the top of the page or in the drop-down menu. I know I can get to it via, but there should be a link as there used to be. Are others seeing this?


  • It seems they have added a “PROFILE” and deleted “My ACCOUNT”. I also tried Firefox and Chrome with no luck.
  • Profile doesn’t give you access to your account.
  • Click on "TESLA" in the top-right or go to the site's home page (not the forum). Then you will have access to "TESLA ACCOUNT". Confused me at first too.
  • @"" - I see it with Safari on my Mac but not on the iPad. In fact, on the iPad I'm not seeing any of the links across the top row except for the "grid lines" link on the top right, the one that displays the drop-down menu. And where I do see the links on my Mac, there's no Updates (News) link either there or on the drop-down menu.
  • @EVRider, while I don't have an iPad, if I squeeze the browser page very narrow, it switches to the phone mode, which is likely the same for the iPad. I go to (not the forums), click on the 3-bar menu icon in the top-right, then click "More" and near the bottom is the TESLA ACCOUNT link.

    You can also get to it directly at
  • @"" - I’m using an iPad right now, and the link is still missing, no matter what I do with the display. I don’t have the More menu item either, though I’ve seen that at other times.
  • @EVRider - same issue. Workaround is to tap the three horizontal bars at the top right. Tap “Existing Inventory” and your Tesla Account will show up.
  • @"" - That works for me, thanks. I also know how to get the account via the URL, but it’s odd that it doesn’t show up in the UI for some of us.
  • Might be just an iPad issue.
  • I can’t get links to work either.
  • It's not just an iPad issue, because I'm using Chrome on my Mac to post this and I'm seeing the same thing here. I'm not sure if I've also seen the problem in Safari on my Mac, but I'm not seeing it there at the moment.
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