Model X

Free Supercharging

Tesla is no more keeping up the promise they Committed on Free Super charging when we ordered the Car.
The one among a reason we got the Tesla Model X is for the free supercharging and the Tesla representatives
promised us the same as we have ordered our Tesla before 10/1/2018 .It was never told to us by Tesla representatives nor in
the order agreement that you will be eligible for free super charging only if you make the delivery before 10/1/2020.
We did ask the Tesla Sale representatives over and over regarding the free Supercharging and they Promised us
that we are eligible for this ,We also made sure this was recorded in the "Motor Vehicle order agreement".
The order agreement clearly says that free supercharging is included .

If I was told or was recorded in the order agreement that the free supercharging was not included we would never have made this purchase .
Also I was receiving free supercharging Since the beginning till last few months back,And i was always under assumption free life supercharging
was included or else i would have returned the Car within the return period.


  • Fake news......

    If it's listed in the agreement, you get it for life. Period end of sentence. I bought mine in 2018 & yup still have it including premium connectivity.

    Trust me...."free" Supercharging isn't free. I assure you we paid for it.
  • so I am puzzled with the OP post. so you have free supercharging or Tesla started to charge you? have you taken delivery? because you say something about 10/1/2020 which is in the future date?
  • Sorry typo mistake on delivery date. We put the order on 9/2018 and took the delivery on 10/2018
  • Also the order agreement clearly says "Free Supercharging Included"
  • jjgunn
    Can i know which month of 2018 u took delivery
  • June 2018 - zero issues with "free" Supercharging
  • I have a 2013 S, and didn't have supercharging enabled until recently. I should have free unlimited supercharging, but I received a bill. Doesn't anyone know how this works or who I can contact about this?
    I asked a few employees last time my car was in (had to replace the computer) and they didn't know...
  • @gordonweiss - I don't think it's ever been clearly stated, and even if it was free before, it's likely the policy changed. I had a 2013S and at the time, Tesla charged $2,000 for Supercharging. It did provide unlimited Supercharging as there were no options to pay for Supercharging as you go. Did you pay $2,000? If you didn't, I wouldn't expect you to get free Supercharging. Even if you did pay, it's less clear what they will do today.
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