5 to 1 Aug 31, if you hold stock on Aug 21


  • Well i'll have 5x more shares at 1/5th the price. Doesnt necessarily mean it will go up, but people with small amounts of money can get a couple shares here and there. I bet this has some anticipation with S&P500 inclusion.
  • This is awesome. Prices often go up after splits if the company is well regarded. I bought some AAPL before they split, and the % gain is even better than my TSLA holdings.
  • It could harm shorts as it is a dividend of 4 shares for each share owned. Should be lots of fun.
  • Couldn’t be happier with a split! I will invest more either now, or when the split actually happens on August 31.

    This makes the stock price (slightly) more competitive with the upstart EV manufacturers.
  • Up 6% after hours, after the news.
  • In the medium term, the lower entry will rise again to its level of unaffordability. Like AAPL, how many times now?
    But, Tim Cook got to be a billionaire this week. As an employee not a Founder.
  • INTL of the past.
  • Yep, great move on Tesla's part. Expect the stock to do well, as my Google stock did after 2 for 1 split several years ago. Go Tesla! ;0)
  • First day: +180
  • Go Tesla!
  • Ha ha, ahead of the stock split, investors are getting onboard, $1644+ today!
  • Closed at $1,836
  • ...going to need 2 stock splits.
    It is heading to be unaffordable again, 5 or 600 a share yet....
  • This is from my bank:

    "It is important to note that the quantity and price per unit values will not be updated on the Profit and Loss page until 2 September 2020."

    Dear Mr ......,

    Upcoming Stock split on 31 August 2020
    On 11 August 2020, the Tesla Board of Directors approved and declared that a 5-for-1 stock split will take place on 31 August 2020.

    What does this mean?
    If you currently own shares in Tesla and continue to hold these shares through 31 August 2020, you will receive five shares for every one share you own.

    What happens next?
    There is no action required from you. We will process the stock split and you will see the updated stock summary in your account. However, if you have sold your Tesla shares before close of US market on 28 August 2020 the stock split will not apply to you.

    Trading Platform
    You will not be able to place an order from close of US market (6:00am AEST) 29 August to 31 August 2020 (11:30pm AEST) at US market open.
    At the start of the US trading session on 31 August 2020, the quantity of your Tesla holdings will be adjusted to reflect the post stock split amount on your trading account.
    It is important to note that the quantity and price per unit values will not be updated on the Profit and Loss page until 2 September 2020.

    For more information, please see Tesla’s investor website.


    I hope this is helpful :)
  • I am sure I am unsure what happens to shares bought this week, they dont qualify for split.
    Totally unclear.
  • All shares no matter if bought, traded, options, etc. will be split this weekend. There is nothing you need to do. There is no such thing as shares that don't qualify for a split unless you buy them on next Monday, after the split.
  • That is the way I read it.
  • But: there was a cutoff date, since then folk have been paying 2200 a share on the market. They are not included in the "dividend".
    So how does that work?
  • If you sell your shares after the cutoff, the shares come with a due bill for the buyer. The dividend shares go to the purchaser.
  • As for dividends, it doesn't matter as TSLA has never had a dividend, and none is expected anytime soon. It could make a difference for other stocks that split on a date that doesn't coincide with a quarter-end.
  • I believe this split is referred to as a dividend, not a split. Hence my use of the word.
  • Well, perhaps another way to look at it, anyone paying $1800+ per share recently will get 5 shares at the close price/5 or $442.60 per share. I don't see how anyone will be "left out", unless they didn't actually buy TSLA.
  • Sadly Fidelity will fix this, but after splitting my stock last night they didn’t reduce the price.

    So I now have 655 shares at the current price. It’s nice for a day!
  • Initially one’s holdings doesn’t change in total value. My account has already been updated showing the 5 for 1 split.
  • Mine has updated as well showing the 5:1 split. GO TESLA!
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