Tesla Estonia

If you know anyone at Tesla, could you please ask them to forward this message to anyone with any leverage regards to the following:
Could Tesla please open a store/service center in Estonia? We have a lot of people who would buy a Tesla if we had an official Tesla center here.

They did open one in Iceland last year, which has like 4x less population and is also probably much harder to reach than Estonia. So there should be no reason they could not do it, right?


  • Same for other Baltic states.
    Actually I can't get new Tesla in a normal way (without loosing VAT) here in Latvia

    We really don't give a sheeeet about SuC. But at least one Service Centre in Baltic states is a must
  • Yes, I agree. EVs are becoming quite popular in Lithuania and it's sad to see that the majority is Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, BMW. The only way to get a Tesla is by greatly overpaying for a used repaired auto accident car from the USA or other countries.
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