Crowdsourcing speed limit errors

Tesla's speed limit data (in places) is really awful. Why not give users the ability to report errors? E.g., make it so you can press the speed limit sign on the display for a second or two, and then: (1) a question mark gets added at the bottom of the speed limit icon, and (2) Tesla gets notice of the location and reported error. When Tesla gets multiple reports of the same error, it can have confidence that it needs to correct the error — and then correct it. Otherwise, I'm sure cops are learning the "Tesla speed traps" — places where every Tesla will be speeding, and easy targets for tickets.


  • Until Tesla figures out how to workaround the Mobileye patent and have AP read and use the speed limit sign data, we're likely going to continue seeing incorrect or missing speed limits in some areas.

    Getting approval for FSD will likely require the software to strictly obey all traffic laws, including speed limits - so Tesla will have to get this working, and can't rely on a speed limit database or using fleet speed, neither of which are guaranteed to reflect the current speed limit on a road segment.

    Until then, I have been using "report bug" voice commands to report problems with speed limits and navigation routes - though I also realize the odds of those reports actually producing results are extremely low...
  • Pressing the speed limit sign is a good idea, but it won’t work for Model S/X, because the instrument panel display where the speed limit is shown is not a touchscreen.
  • I expect there’ll be some improvements/changes across the industry for regulatory reasons - e.g.

    That said, I don’t know what accuracy will be required and whether real-time variable speed limits will be included. Reliance on GPS alone won’t accommodate “smart” motorways as speed limits can change every few minutes.
  • More info here:

    Note the requirement dates differ according to when the car is type approved. From my reading, Tesla also look to be in a very strong position with the existing in-car technology.
  • Ok, limit the feature to Model 3/y owners. Press the speed limit sign while the roadside speed limit sign is in view; the car uploads a photo with position data. Makes it real easy for a human (bypassing the Mobileye patent) to look at hundreds of photos a day to verify the speed limit sign and update the database with speed @location
  • You CAN report speed limit errors. In a Model 3, press and hold right scroll. Say "Report bug" and continue with error information including area and wrong and correct speed limit. I don't know if that leads to correction, but you can report it.
  • I’ve tried this many times and not got it to work. I think the issue may be related to not having an accent ;-)

    Sending bug reports of speed limits would also be of limited value here as one car might see one speed limit and the car behind another as they can change in real time. The car needs to be able to read signs or for roads to send signals and cars receive them.

    There are also many roads round here where you need a degree in law to know what the speed limit is (unless you check a planning database). You might get a small 20mph zone sign, partly obscured by trees, no repeater signs and knowledge of the legal distance before a repeater is required. That one causes quite a bit of conflict on the roads.
  • I’ve noticed several incorrect displays of speed limits on smaller roads near Cleveland, Ohio. Typically the display on the screen says 35 mph but the true road sign says 45mph. Should I do a voice bug report for each error I find?
  • The release 2020.36 and later has optical speed sign reading, so makes all the prior posts here somewhat unimportant. Now there is the question of what happens when it reads the sign wrong like AP1 sometimes does!
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