Model X

Hitch cargo carrier driving expected behavior?

I recently got a Thule cargo carrier

With the cargo carrier on the hitch (either with or without the electrical harness plugged in or not) , the vehicle will :

1. throw an error that "Park assist is disabled" and beep every single time i use the brake to slow down the vehicle.
2. while driving i get *constant* nagging that the rear camera or sensor is blocked.

I've tried driving with the trailer mode enabled, and without. The behavior is the same with both. The nagging is excessive, and during a long trip it gets maddening.

Anyway, just wondering if this is typical behavior, I'd appreciate any input because if it isn't normal at least I can take it to an SC and tell them to fix it. I've discussed it with the front line Tesla support guys and they have no idea.

Thanks in advance.


  • typical, I have the same nags. but they only show up on low speed like below 10 mph
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