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I have 42,000 and need new 18in tires. The tires are just worn on the inside a lot. Any suggestions. I do drive in the snow but don't want snow tires and looking for tires that will last longer. Also, do I need an alignment.


  • Sounds like a mileage record. The car has camber of around 1 degree front and rear. Getting that kind of mileage makes me think you don’t drive it hard so it makes sense you’d have more wear on the inside.
  • I had similar wear on my front tires. I didn't rotate until 28k when I realized the front were wearing that way. Elon had tweeted out that AWD didn't need rotation. I probably could have gotten a few more miles than the 34k I got on them.

    But to your original question, I replaced my tires with Michelin CrossClimate Plus. I just took an 1800 mile trip with them the day after I got them. I like them a lot. I feel like they're quieter than the Primacy's were. The ride is a bit more comfortable. I didn't notice a huge difference in efficiency.
  • I got 58k out of a set of X-Ice and that was premature due to a sidewall blowout. I’ve heard of 60k+ from others. Definitely not babied. OTOH, summers last around 12k on RWD. Michelin A/S 3+ last around 32k.
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    I ran Xices 24/7 on the Subaru and Prius but that was for top performance for skiing, some statistical loss of performance in rain and braking in regular driving but not noticeable driving between Xice and OEM. I have a set of Xices for the Model 3 and they worked well.

    If your priority is non-snow driving but have good grip in snow and ice, I'd look at the Consumer Report and TireRack reviews for all seasons with a top rated snow and ice performance. I'd hope for a quieter tire but I think it's the car not the tires that cause the road noise in the Tesla so I don't think quieter tires are going to help a lot.
  • Fish, if your opinion that the car lacks sound insulation is true, then a quieter tire will obviously result in a quieter cabin.
  • Anyone have a good chart or list of how trade offs work with tires?
    Longer Lasting= longer stopping distances
    Stickier= less efficiency
    Efficient= less handling

    Those are speculation on my part, but that’s the kind of thing that would be nice to have spelled out. Apparently you can’t have it all :)
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    > @lbowroom said:
    > Fish, if your opinion that the car lacks sound insulation is true, then a quieter tire will obviously result in a quieter cabin.

    Conversely if the car has poor sound insulation, a quieter tire is not going to help much. Specking a tire for sound and giving up stopping distance, rain grip, durability, etc. would not be wise as the quieter tire will not help much.
  • No, conversely that is not true.
  • It sound like an alignment problem if worn on the inside more than even.
  • I upgraded Tesla 3 standard rims with new from American tyres, about 700.00 that look likes Tesla's for a lot more. I got from Portugal Tesla stickers to put on the hub center, mine are red to match the car.
  • Had my Tesla for 1 week and the tire blew, hole in rear tire, no nail, no obvious cause, I don't understand why Tesla puts on Continental tires!
  • @GERODEAN: So, one week and the tire was gone. Um. There really are warranties on tires and there certainly are on the ones one gets with a Tesla.
    So, don't leave us in suspense: How did the warranty claim go?
  • Did it have a hole, or did it blow? 2 very different things.

    Conti makes great tires, that’s why they would put them on a Tesla.
  • No complaints about after market Contis. Great tires.
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