Tesla Account

My Tesla account is inaccessible, even after I changed my password. Customer support says they are trying to fix an error on their pat but its been a week since I called them and I still can't access my account. Just recently ordered a model 3 and I tracked my orders progress there. I steer anyone having the same problem.


  • How is that possible yet you were able to post this thread?
  • @Melisao331 - The forums changed and you can't directly access your account while in the forums - the "PROFILE" is just for the forum. It's confused a lot of people. If you go to the home page there is the TESLA ACCOUNT option if you're using a PC. Some report that using a tablet, you don't see that option. Some can get it by clicking on the 3-bar menu at the top-right, select More, and then TESLA ACCOUNT appears.

    Here's a direct link to get to your account, so try this:
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