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When to get new model X

We have had ours for 4 years and are out of warranty. It has 45k miles. The battery mileage has gone down from 262 to 240. Now our computer died and it took 10 days to get it fixed. We were told that if this happens again, we will need a new mother board for 1.2 k, Originally, we had planned to exchange for a new car at end of warranty, but now are waiting for new battery and triple motor. We are not traveling long distance because of covid, but would like to in the fall, but we are nervous not to get stranded if this computer dies. What to do?


  • Well, the computer can die and you will not get stranded. It's not required to drive the car, but you will lose maps, HVAC, etc.

    Options include: wait to see if the MCU dies; buy an MCU1 replacement now; buy the MCU2 upgrade; or sell the car. Be aware the most likely time for it to die will be during a new software update. You might get more life out of it by ignoring software updates from now on until you trade it in. There is also some chatter about a lower cost MCU1 Nvidia board replacement, so maybe we'll hear more on that in a few weeks.

    The big question is if/when a new version will be made. There has been talk of an S update with 3 motors, but I'm less sure of an X update or if the X will get the 3 motor design. COVID may have pushed everything out another 6 months too.
  • From what I'm understanding, the Tri-Motor design (Plaid Version) is planning on being released pretty soon and may be tied in with the new Palladium Secret Project. I believe this will be the same drivetrain that will be released with the Tri-Motor Cybertruck.

    I've also heard rumors that the Model X and Model S will be switching from the 18650 battery cells to the 2170 which will be way more efficient and also allow faster charging.
  • The S and X already support 250 kW charging with 18650 cells. The change was not in the cells but using larger diameter wires to handle the higher currents.

    Likely Tesla uses the same battery chemistry in all cars, so cell size is not really important. Efficiency appears to be the same, so I'm not sure what value switching to 2170 has to owners. It might offer cost reductions if made at the Nevada factory over Japan, but that's unknown.
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