New York

Should I buy a Model 3 without a home charger?

Hi everyone! I am hoping to buy a Model 3 in the next few months. I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn and, unfortunately, my building seems unwilling to allow me to install a charger in the building garage or even plug the car into a standard outlet. I live a short drive from a supercharger, but I am curious: do you think it makes sense to buy the car if there seems to be no near-term possibility of home charging?


  • I have been living in Florida for 6 months of the year. I live in a Condo with no chance of charging. There are 2 superchargers within 8 - 10 miles from me. It's been convenient to go to one of the superchargers every 10 - 12 days. In the 50 minutes or so that it takes to go to 95% charge, I can grab something to eat or visit a local store. I charge that high because by the time I get back home it's dropped to a more reasonable level.
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