Quality Controls and Customer services

I’m writing this in regard to my recent experiences with Tesla and to express my disappointment and frustration with multiple facets of the process and customer service that I experienced over the last three weeks.

I picked up my Tesla Model 3 long range all wheel drive on July 24th from the Burlingame Tesla location on July 24th. The first issue was that it was supposed to be no contact pick-up and the agent just asked me to sign all the paperwork without going through them, then returned them to the office. After I signed the pages and at the office, I asked for copies of the paperwork and they said it would be loaded to my account within 2 weeks. Perhaps this is part of the normal process, however I would expect that hardcopy paperwork should still be an option to the customer since I didn’t want to wait for 2 weeks to apply for the rebates from PG&E and California State.
Another issue during pickup was that the customer service rep did not walk through the car with us on site to do an inspection on the car quality itself. After I got home, we inspected the car and found the bottom rocker panels on both side of the car were not all the way in, leaving gaps in the middle and at the front. The front wheel of the passenger side had 1/4 of the rim scratched with red paint on it. We then had to submit an online service request about the defects.They were repaired by 2 appointments; for the rim repair, I had to take the car back to the service center for a whole day! I was very disappointed with the quality control of Tesla that the company delivered a car with such defects.
Further, the car was only charged to 34% so I had to take it to a Supercharger to charge it up, costing me an hour of my day, a day that was meant to be full of excitement about a new car but instead was a series of disappointments and frustration.

To add to all these frustrations, the Supercharger charged me $20 even though I had a referral code for 1000 miles free (however, Loot Box did not show the 1000-mile credit). When I called the next day about the supercharger charge, the rep told me the referral code was in my account and may take couple days for the code to work and asked me to call back next Monday, so they can credit my account. I would expect that once I called about this issue, your customer service process should have a note to follow up on their own instead of having the customer bear the responsibility to follow up.

However, after 5 days, the charge was still there and I had to call yet again. This time, the rep told me it will take awhile for the referral code to be active since that department had to put the code in by hand and he was not sure about whether I would receive the credit. This seems to be a breakdown in the internal processes on not just how the charger credit is applied and activated, but further on your own team for not knowing the process and providing different responses to your customers.

Finally, I was very disappointed with the service that I received from sales agent D Johnson on a few fronts. He was always slow to reply my emails until I sent the emails the second time. When I first set up my profile, it asked me if I would like to transfer my current licence plate to the new Tesla and I picked yes. Two weeks before delivery, I sent him an email that I did not want to transfer the license plate from my car to Tesla and asked him to change that for me since I cannot find that in the profile anymore. He didn’t reply as usual. I called the office and another agent answered that’s no problem. When I picked up the car, they just took out that paper about transferring licence plate. He was not there when I picked up the car and when I called the next day to double check, he informed me that he didn’t update that for me and it’s really easy. to just call DMV to change that. I was extremely frustrated with his inaction related to this as the DMV is obviously not the easiest agency to deal with to get things done. However, the most disappointing part was that he didn’t even apologize. Also the last agent should have gone into the account and changed that for me.
By the way, calling to DMV and talk to someone took me 1 hour on wait time and got cut off twice!

When I called the 3rd time about the referral code, I recognized D Johnson by his voice. I asked him about the referral code activation and he said he was not sure when and he needed to talk to the Referral Code department to get me an answer. I asked him to call me back and he promised he would, but then he never did.

In general, I did not feel that the Tesla customer service reps really valued me as a customer, and instead, I had to do all or most of the work to get the answers I needed. Based on my experiences as noted above, I believe that the customer service of Tesla needs improvement. For a leader in the automotive industry, I expected more from my experience and was sadly very disappointed.


  • Customer service, customer communication is such a blind spot with Tesla. Only thing I can figure is it's a Musk thing. Since the cars "don't need service" and "customers never need to ask questions", Tesla never valued and never set up customer service.

    Since customer service is not valued at Tesla, employees don't get graded on how well they do customer service (follow up on the license plate request) so a customer service gets even more devalued.

    Employees do their best when you meet them, but they don't have a good system for customer service and Tesla doesn't value it so we continue to see posts like yours.
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