I didn't know that my Tesla came with crank windows?!?

Well, at least it feels that way when I try to play music via USB.

I'm a new (as of July 2nd) owner of a Model 3. There's so much about this car I love, and no end of the hate I have for the USB media player. For all the technology that comes with these cars, I'm just really disappointed in how this thing works, and even more so because there are postings about these shortfalls dating back YEARS. And the ginormous hoops that people have jumped through the make this player work the way they want.

Here's the short list of the bugs that I've encountered:
* Stuttered playback - It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens way more than it should. Every once in a while the music playback will pause for a moment, for up to a little more than a second.
* Forgetful - Every three or four times when I get into my car (like right now when I went to the garage to check some functionality), the Media Player loses its memory of what it was playing (reminder: I was in the middle of my favorite album).
* Forgetful, part II - When I switch away from USB media to, say, the radio, when I go back to USB, well, it loses its memory of what it was playing (reminder: I was STILL in the middle of my favorite album, which I had to restart again).
* Forgetful, part III - Sometimes when I'm navigating (e.g., browsing by artist, then into one of their albums), when I go back to the artist list is takes me to the top of the list (i.e., the A's of the alphabetized artists). Remember, my priority is on driving the car, not navigating my music list.

This player has many shortcomings compared with other media players (hence the crank windows statement)
* I can play ALL of my songs in random order, or I can play all of the songs in a particular album in random order. What I would love to have, mostly because my Acura, made in 2006 (that's 14 years ago, for those not wanting to do the math) is to randomly pick an album, then play that whole album. And when it's done, do another random album pick and play that one. And so on.
* Playlists. Nothing more to be said here. Being able to import them somehow would be icing on the cake.
* If we can't have playlists then queues would be a really nice alternative. And I would want the ability to add individual songs as well as entire albums. Of course, please keep the random playback order capability!

I know that there's a lot of software in these vehicles, and I certainly understand and appreciate priorities in the sense of where the developers spend their time. But as I stated in the beginning, these problems have existed for years. It's about time someone paid a little attention to them.


  • Time to buy that Audi!
  • The failure to resume playback is definitely an issue for many of us. The ability to randomly select an album, play that album, then select another and play that one is uncommon, so I’m not surprised the car can’t do it (neither can my iPhone’s music app). I’ve never had the stuttering problem, so you want to try a different USB.
  • I’m more irked by the reliance on Spotify. I’ve tried to like it as it’s integrated with the car, but can’t. I’m interested in Albums rather than playlists and songs and see no value in navigating pictures of album covers when driving. It’s too distracting.

    I just want simple and complete navigation of my Apple library with true Siri integration. Siri gets the fact that I don’t have an accent and recognises simple phrases like what album by which artist I want.

    It’s not enough to get het up about, have got used to the way things work, more of a wish list.
  • You could stream music from your phone via Bluetooth and use Siri as you normally do.
  • I also have never had stuttered playback. I suspect the USB drive you are using may have problems. A lot of the cheap ones can be problematic in any system.

    On Forgetful III - They may have finally fixed it. I noticed for the first time in 7+ years that the back actually went back up the tree rather than to home.

    The others features would be nice to have, but it works well for me. I also get the occasional "forgot" USB when getting into the car. It may be during a software update, which makes some sense.
  • For anyone who wants to listen to music on a Flash Drive, the player is an embarrassment to Tesla. It was a constant source of b*tching by owners back in 2016 when I reserved my Model 3, in 2018 when I picked it up, and now. It's not just that it doesn't work the way people want - it's that it is just broken, and frankly every other update they fix something but break it in a different way. If it had consistent, rational behavior, even if it didn't have every bell and whistle, it would be far preferable to what it has now.

    About every 4-5 times I get in the car, it forgets that it was playing USB - not related to a software update. If I ignore it, generally the next time I get back in it'll pick back up where it left off, although sometimes it's silent for three or four cycles before it starts back up. It's kinda surprising sometimes when I get in and it starts playing the second half of a song that I realize it started playing a couple of days ago. It's done this on different, quality USB drives (SanDisk and Samsung) and on my current SSD.

    It's concept of "shuffle" is also broken - it'll play songs from every folder on the drive, not just within the folder that I started playing. It doesn't actually shuffle (meaning that every song should get played before a duplicate occurs) - it appears to have a bad random number generator, and plays the songs randomly. I'll often hear repeated songs after 20 or 30 songs - which shouldn't happen in my 900 song folder.
  • Curious why you’re using a USB stick and not just streaming from your phone?

    Either a streaming music source or songs downloaded to your phone(which is what I do).
  • @Frank99 - Shuffle works fine for me, but I never use it from the files section. I use it often in the Genre's section and I've not noticed repeats. Some of my Genre sections are hundreds of files long, but doubtful 900 - so there may be some upper limit and/or use on the files category causes problems.

    I have noticed the back function actually works as you'd expect with the latest update. It goes back up each level rather than jumping to home. A small win.

    I also wonder if the SSD is causing problems for you - as it takes more power than a typical stick/SD card. The USB2 ports are power limited to about 2W. There are a few drives that are under 2W, but quite a few require much more. Tesla has never endorsed SSDs, but they also haven't said they wouldn't work.

    Then the few SSDs with USB connections are often rated for 32F to 95F, and when the car is parked, the drive is running. With typical 140-150F temps when parked in the sun, there is no telling how the drive reacts. It might even be the drive shuts down under out of range temps and causing the startup problems you're seeing.

    Tesla is not blame-free, but you may be causing many of your own problems.
  • The problem also existed when I was using a Sandisk 32GB and a Samsung 32GB drive, so I'm not willing to give Tesla a pass that I'm causing many of my own problems.
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