5th Wheel Hitch

I know this topic has been discussed in non-Tesla forums, but I wanted to start the discussion here.

A 5th wheel hitch is a key feature needed for the CT, hopefully offered by Tesla as an option. There are so many hitches designed for shortbed trucks that slide back and forth to accommodate a shorter bed, hopefully something like this can work in the CT sloping bed. Don't want a 14k bumper pull trailer, but would consider building a custom 5th wheel trailer as long a 5th wheel hitch is possible.

Any thoughts on the 5th wheel topic are welcome.


  • I would also like to see that kind of setup (don't expect it though). I own a shipping business that we only use pickup trucks for, so the Cybertruck, hopefully, will go well with this business. I'm looking at a 30' 14k bumper pull that will work great for us. I'm not sure how they would integrate the 5th wheel (gooseneck) setup into the vault, especially with the vault cover closing. None of the pictures I've seen show any sort of hookups. Maybe!!
  • Well, 1st thought is that "a key feature" has to be applicable to a majority of the CT market/purchasers; at least 1/3 of the customers. I don't see it.
  • There will be a 5th wheel, IMO.

    There are tie downs on the truck bed which will allow multiple attachment points.
  • I remember reading somewhere on Twitter that said Franz stated that it would be able to tow a fifth wheel and that they've already tested it with a gooseneck trailer. Someone asked him during the release. There is still so much of this truck that's not explored (frunk, pillar storage, underbed storage, etc.) My fingers are crossed for a gooseneck ball in the bed that tucks away beautifully I feel like the pillar sails can be optimally out of the way with the use of the air suspension and that the axels are further back than a regular truck but really I haven't seen Tesla not go above and beyond whatever style vehicle they build and almost every truck can be retro fitted with a gooseneck hitch.
  • This hitch looks promising:
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