Does sentry or dash cam auto-overwrite when usb drive is full?

There is a tree next to my parking spot so that every night there could be 20+ video clips recording tree leaf moving and that makes my usb drive full almost everyday.

When the usb drive is full it seems neither sentry mode nor dash cam works according to the icons on the screen being grey.

So, could it auto overwrite old sentry/dashcam files?

Or could I use two usb drives to separate sentry clips from dashcam files? I hope I could at least keep dashcam working when sentry disk is full.



  • Sentry Mode will start overwriting old files if the drive is full and there are already at least 5GB of Sentry Mode files. The dashcam never records more than one hour of video. Sounds like your dashcam drive is too small — buy a larger one, they’re not expensive.

    You can’t have separate drives for dashcam and Sentry Mode, you can only have one TeslaCam USB.
  • There is no real drive size limit. Some are using 1 TB drives, although 128 GB should be fine. Small drives do fill up fast.
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