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We, myself and the buyer, signed a transfer agreement on 6/24 and the home closed on 6/30. I received a bill on 8/2 for $166.91. Tesla does not answer email and like all of you, after being on the phone on hold for almost an hour, I get answers like "you can pay the bill and you will be reimbursed when the audit is complete" Wait what? What "audit"? We are through Tesla. I was also told they won't contact me when the "audit" is complete. They seem to have no idea when the process will be completed. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.


  • We went through this last summer when we bought our home. It took months to get it set up and I still HATE their app. I cannot tell anything from looking at my account on their app. All I know is that between Tesla switching the account over and the 3rd party energy company PGE had set us up with I had bills for several months. That got fixed and now I have a true up in October that is at 295 right now. I think the system we took over was not big enough for our family usage. My relative pays 0 true up each year. We just went through a heat wave too so I am scared to see what the next true up for Sept will be.
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