Drop down step for back seats

Hello... Is it possible to add a feature for drop down step for back seats.
I have parents who have hard time getting in and out of tall vehicles.
Even with air suspensions, not sure how low the cybertruck can get to.
Thanks. Vish.


  • It may be a while before third-parties jump on board making accessories, but with the volumes being forecast, add-ons may appear faster than you might think. I don't expect Tesla will offer such an option, but who knows?
  • Idunno. I may seem... 'harsh', 'uncaring', or 'inconsiderate'... But the fact is, I consider other things. I know a lot of people are 'vertcally challenged'. I am not particularly 'tall' at 6'-1". But I have been taller than many of my peers since age four. I was taller than my 5'-2" Mom in second grade. I firmly remember various ride-on toys that I was simply too large for at/by age four. I remain pretty flexible, and feel rather comfortable 'slipping into a car'. But I have no issue bending to enter a compact car or climbing to enter a pickup truck or SUV.

    My younger Brothers have actually gotten older, aged quicker, than I have. They complain about knee, back, and ankle issues all the time. Often limping or moving slowly. Far too slow by my estimation. 21 years ago, I sorely busted my right knee. So, I'm nowhere near as active or agile as I once was. Still, I try to keep in shape anyway. I am not at all a patient man. I have learned to recognize when I am tired, and to rest as a result. When recovered, I begin again.

    Several years ago, I used to deliver medical equipment. Deliver, set up, instruct was my mandate. Lots and lots of canes, wakers, & wheelchairs, among other equipment, ranging from hospital beds to respiratory equipment. I couldn't help but notice, most patients had eaten themselves into their predicament. Lack of exercise and poor diet left them too large to manage their own weight. Sure, many were elderly. Some were sickly. But all had been youthful at some point in their past and made the conscious decision to simply sit on their butt and wallow, refusing to walk anywhere for anything. Many were smokers, or diabetic.

    Tesla cars have been criticised several times for NOT having grab bars, handles, or 'Oh $#!+' bars readily available for entry/exit or stability during acceleration. I haven't spied such equipment in interior shots of the CYBERTRUCK through these many months and don't expect such aids as standard issue either. Maybe some third party will develop an 'Apple Crate' type device for shorter passengers to aid them, but I seriously doubt such will be included within its design.

    Otherwise? A regimen of leg lifts, crunches, squats, and other calisthenics may be in your future (along with dieting). Enjoy!
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