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My Brand New Tesla Model X AC stopped working

My new Model X which has less than 1500 miles on it (less than 5 months old) is having a malfunctioning AC. Hot Air blows from the AC and I tried a bunch of the tips mentioned in the Online forums (Powering off the machine fully, waiting for 3 minutes and then power it on and also rebooting the computer with the wheels pressing on both side). Additionally when I go to the Climate panel it shows “Climate Keeper Unavailable due to System fault”.

I tried to setup an appointment using the App and it gave me a reservation for Sept 15th (4 weeks out). There is no way in hell I can drive the with no AC for 4 weeks. I’d appreciate if folks in the Bellevue Service Center can get my car looked at the earliest and fix this gnarly issue. I am happy to have Mobile Service fix this too if they can. I’ve never had a Car’s AC fail on me at such a short notice since purchase.

• From looking at the forums, it looks like the “Temperature/Humidity” sensor is busted for the “Climate Keeper unavailable” issue
• The AC not working is probably because of on because "factory used the wrong o-rings" or the O-ring was defective and the refrigerant leaked out ☹

Any other suggestions are appreciated.


  • Had the same problem on my 2020 MX less than three months into ownership. Long story short, I ordered the evaporator temperature sensor myself and had a tesla tech replace. It literally took 10 minutes to change. So, to keep stress down, have Tesla diagnose problem remotely to verify which sensor, order from local service center then find a tech to install. Most A/C guys can do it but I found an outside Tesla service person. My evap sensor was just near your right knee under the driver's side dash.

    Good luck!
  • Same problem here. Fixed at SC after 10 days waiting for part. Very common apparently
  • I am having the exact same problem. The issue is intermittent and has happened twice now every time I open the driver FW door. What part was it exactly and where did you order it? Thanks.
  • Have service do a check to make sure (can be done over the air), but I had to change the evaporator temperature sensor. Its just beneath the driver side dash, near right knee. Took tech all of 5 minutes to change.
  • Could also be overcharged. Hopefully the Ranger can get out to you to do a quick initial diagnosis.
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