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Learn your 220V power adapters

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We had a minor surprise when we picked up our Sig Perf on Friday, one that the guys at the factory quickly fixed after hours. We added a temporary 220V plug via SolarCity, for charging, while we await the UL approval of the high-speed charger. But when we arrived home, we discovered that the 220V adapter plug on the mobile connector didn't fit the wall outlet. It turns out that the temporary install from SolarCity uses a NEMA 6-50 outlet (no neutral wire), to make the high power charger install easier (it also uses no neutral wire). Unless Tesla has you officially purchasing the high power charger, for future delivery (after UL listing), they'll provide the standard 220V adapter, which is a NEMA 14-50 configuration.

It was a bit of miscommunication on our side as well - we had postponed buying the fast charger until UL approval, but bought the whole wirign install from SolarCity (220V plus future fast charger). Even so, Tesla was able to zip a 6-50 adapter to us the same night we took delivery (great work guys), but that might not be so easy for locations further from the factory. So double check your outlets and adapters carefully, prior to driving away.


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    Good advice! When I contacted a local electrician to install my NEMA outlet, I printed out the technical specs info from this site, just to be sure nothing was a question.
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    Cost of 4 wire 100A service vs 3 wire 50A is very little.
    I will put in 100A service for day 1 with 14-50 plug and if I decide to upgrade to HPC all I have to do is hook it up and change out the breaker for 100A for the 50A.

    If the HPC only wants 3 wires you do not need to use the 4th neutral wire but if you have to pull a second line that is a lot of extra money.

    Second if I get another EV I have adequate service for both.

    I got 14-50 outdoor plug for $25 at home depot and 50A breaker for $12. Wire turns out to be the high cost item after labor.
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    Can I get a 220 adapter for my Model 3? If so, please advise where I might get one. Thank you.
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