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7.2kw Solar panels avg Production 35-42kwh per day

After aprx 6 months from signing up to having the PTO from PGE turn on my solar panels (7.2kwh subscription) I'm averaging roughly 35 to 42kwh per day.
I'm not sure if this is what to expect. I'm hoping others can give me an Idea what their solar panels are producing.
I live in Northern Calif and my system was turned on the first week of July 2020. It's been clear skys most of the month with little to no clouds.


  • Sounds fairly good. My peak total for a day so far this month was about 45 kWh for my 10.8 kW system - also in Northern CA. I do have a solar roof with cells on all sides - North, East, South, and West. I do have some visible dust on the roof that may be cutting my production a bit. I also get some shade in the morning from trees on the East side. The solar roof should be similar to panels as they are rated similarly.
  • That looks about right for your area.
  • Comparison data:
    NorCal location (Napa). 228 degree (SW) orientation for 7kW, 138 degree (SE) orientation for 3 kW. 10kW total nominal rating (SunPower panels). 10+ years of data.
    Absolute peak performance is approx 70 kWh and that occurs 1-2 days per year based on absolutely perfect weather conditions (usually in June).
    Usual summer production with cloudless conditions is slightly over 60 kWh in the range of 61-62
    Excess heat affects efficiency and can bring that down significantly (recent 111 degree day with no clouds yielded 52 kWh).
    Annualized production 42 kWh to account for sun, rain, clouds, length of day and all that occurs over 365 days.
  • Looks about right. I'm in So. CA, and am getting 25-30kWh per day out of an ideally sited 5kW array.
  • You can calculate your estimated production by using following site.
  • Note the pwwatts assumes all the panels are south facing and optimum angle. I didn't see any way to adjust for multiple compass directions on the roof. Anyway, it's a good resource for the best case. For example, I get about 45 kWh/day in June, and they calculate 67 kWh/day. I do have solar on all four sides of my roof (North, East, South, and West).
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