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Accuracy of Data of Power Sent and Received my Utility Company is Poor

The data from Tesla App does not match my Smart meter data. The smart meter web site is for the entire state of Texas and is not associated with any one utility company. Since this is the data utility companies use to bill customers, I believe its accuracy.

My usage figures are off by 12% and the power sent to the grid is off by 27%.

I could understand a 1% difference, but my Tesla system is wildly inaccurate. I have a service ticket in, but its been two weeks and no response. I am once again trying to get through to the solar tech support line with LONG hold times.


  • I just received PTO 2 days ago I feel like I am noticing the same thing. Also, it seems like the solar panels are only powering one of the two breaker boxes.
  • > @aabates_98311085 said:
    > ... it seems like the solar panels are only powering one of the two breaker boxes.

    Not sure that makes sense or even possible. As the solar is tied to the grid, it doesn't matter how different breaker boxes are wired in normal operation.

    Now it may matter if you have a gateway disconnect with PowerWalls which is quite different. You can test it by turning off the main breakers. If the Powerwalls/Solar power everything, then it's connected as designed.

    Some systems put high-power items like HVAC outside the solar/Powerwall loop on purpose - so they would not connect one breaker box to the solar/Powerwall side of the gateway.

    Anyway, worth testing. If you have solar only, when you disconnect, the solar disconnects too as a safety requirement of the utility.
  • Are you sure that you're calculating solar PV production correctly? Remember that the utility reports *net* PV production. That is what your PV produced *minus* what your house used first. Your system only exports production to the grid beyond what your house uses directly.
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