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Gateway Arrived by FedEx, but I already have a Gateway!

Ok, this is strange. A small black "Gateway" arrived today. I think this is used for a panel-style solar roof or someone without WiFi. I already have a "Gateway 2", a metal box that Tesla installed, and the app works fine on my phone. I suspect it was sent in error. Did anyone else with a Solar roof get one and did it do anything for you? I can't see what it would add to the system.


  • As of June 12, 2020, PG&E requires the solar inverters that connect to PG&E must communicate with PG&E along with the PG&E Meter NEM module so they know how much solar power your roof puts out so they can count it all towards the 50% California Renewable energy mandate. Could this be the add-on to one of the older inverters? Do not send it back but hold on to it until instructed to do so. California and other States have consumer protection laws that do not require you to return un-solicited purchases or deliveries.
  • @BetazedEd2020 - Mine was installed completely new in January 2020. I have TOU metering, so they know (from PG&E reports I get) how much solar is generating that is going back to the grid. Now they would not know from the meter how much solar I'm generating and using within the house. Perhaps Tesla is providing that info to PG&E, but I sort of doubt it. If I were to guess, they may just use some house averages and compare it with a house without solar to get a total solar number. Over tens of thousands of houses, it likely is fairly accurate.
  • Are you part of the SGIP program ? It may be part of that because actual (not estimated) production values are required.
  • @Jones - About SGIP, I'm not on it yet, but trying to get on it. I think they are out of money again, which stops the process.
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