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Using PayPal or Credit Card to pay for Solar?

My installation for a cash system is scheduled this month. Can I use a credit card through Paypal, with no additional fee, to pay for the project? I get different answers from different advisors. Thanks!


  • I don't think they use PayPal, but I was able to charge my entire system on multiple credit cards. Took a while to figure out available credit on each card and adjust the amounts. Tesla was very accommodating. I then paid off the cards quickly to make room for later payments. A good way to get a 1% or so effective discount - but only if you can pay off the cards. You don't want the crazy credit card interest rates. If you don't have the cash, try and get a homeowner's loan - it will be far cheaper in the long run than credit card debt.
  • Plus, selling a home with *leased* solar PV is quite problematic. Buy it, if at all possible. Talk with a realtor...selling a home with leased solar PV is a nightmare.
  • they are biggest A O in the solar business.
    Musk can stick his head where it never shines
  • Hello
    We received our invoice for our solar installation today. Past City Inspection, within a few minutes Tesla sent us an invoice. We know we can pay by CC and we can’t find a “link” to do that, anyone know how?
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