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Want to add more solar, Tesla doesn't know I already have a system with them...

I'm trying to add more solar as according to the Tesla app and my electric bills from last year, I did NOT meet the 1:1 ratio at all... I was short by 1.5k kW. Now with Covid, wife and I are working from home so AC is being used way more than before and we're looking into getting a Model Y at the end of the year.

I dislike how their calculator goes by price of bill instead of wattage... but w/e. They recommend me the medium size or the 8kw system with 1 powerwall. Decided not to get the pw as I already have 2 and I haven't even been able to fully use them yet or felt like I was going to run out of energy before the sun showed up (FL).

Anyways, ordered about 2 weeks ago and no adjustments have been made to the current order. I also have to always let them know that I ALREADY HAVE A SYSTEM and I'm adding more panels. Is that system a Tesla system and is it attached to your current phone number? Well no duh...!

Any one have any experience with adding more panels or a second system?


  • afaik , when i was in the process of purchasing mine i asked the sales associate that specific question about future upgrade ability and was informed they don't do that. They will only sell you a completely separate second system to augment your additional needs.

    don't take my word for it, keep trying until you get a solar advisor. Their phone number is 877-571-7652
  • njhtran is correct. Tesla will *not* simply add panels to an existing system. They will sell you an additional, separate system, with all of the permitting, and utility approvals that go along with it.
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