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Tesla wont respond to transfer request! What am I Supposed to do?

I cannot get Tesla to respond to anything, at this point i am wondering if I would rather not have a house with Tesla Solar, if I cant get it transferred to my name what is going to happen when the system eventually has issues and I can't get anyone to call me back?


  • I had submitted my transfer request on August 5th, today is August 25 and no response or email sent confirming the transfer of my contract. Can someone call me back to let me know or send me an email. I filled out the transfer information on my account.
    Angel R.
    email: [email protected]
    Thank you
  • I feel for you. Read my post. Tesla customer service is the worst!
  • Tesla customer service has been stellar during my five years of ownership, and has been the same for the vast majority of installations. Unfortunately, you are among the small minority of buyers that have had a negative experience. It doesn't apply to everybody. Not by a long shot.
  • I had the same problem when I transferred ownership of my house to a family member Attorneys couldn’t get anyone in the transfer dept to answer a phone or email. We had to move the closing date twice. After 2 hours on hold someone answered the phone and the transfer was completed in 30 minutes!
    The panels have been shut off since July 10 for a fault? And they won’t be out to repair it until Nov 23. I filed a complaint with the AG of Mass.
  • Im having the same problem now. Cant get the transfer to new owner, even though its a prepaid lease. Cant get anywhere with calling Tesla, except being put on hold for hours at a time. Anyone have any advise on how to contact Tesla and talk to a real person who can help me?
  • This is another example of why you don't want to lease a solar PV system from *any* vendor. It makes home sales a nightmare. Talk to a realtor. Purchased solar is a plus for sales, but if it's a lease, it's a huge red flag for buyers, and rightly so.
  • Same issue. Our closing date is postponed because we cannot get a response from Tesla. It’s the only outstanding item in the transaction. A transfer request was submitted in a timely manner, and now silence. We keep getting referred back to their online process with no other options or ways to contact them. The “closing escrow today” option places you on an extended hold (and eventually disconnected).
  • It must be a Tesla company policy to refuse to communicate with customers. I wonder how it benefits corporate? Why did they put this practice in place?
  • Has anyone had success with the "closing escrow today" option? I have not tried it yet since we close next Tuesday but now I'm worried that it will delay closing. Should I try it today and hope to get some after hours of holding?
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