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Was anyone else frustrated by Tesla Roof support?

I recently placed a Tesla Roof order. It has been a frustrating few weeks with the support. I needed explanations for my cost adjustment which went from $70K to $95K. Almost every time I had to wait for 40 + min and get a person named Levar on the phone. Levar is low key but knows nothing. Everything has to be routed to a "project advisor" who doesn't ever seem to return my calls. I I finally asked for a refund and Levar says he couldn't tell me whether I can get a refund if I cancelled the order. Nuts!


  • Nope - mine went smoothly and rarely had to wait for more than a minute on hold. Perhaps the lines are busier now - this was in January and February 2020. I don't know what to suggest - that's a big jump in price. I assume there was some complication on your roof. Every roof is a custom job, and until they can do a detailed project analysis, they are not going to know the final price.
  • mine was not go, my system has been down for 3 months when they came they said my roof was in poor condition so they would not try an fix the problem. call my roofer who said the roof is bad but only where the panels are located so the panels caused the deterioration. ok call tesla back to remove the panels they told it will be a month before I receive the application to have them removed, so i can get the roof replaced and it could be another month before I actually see someone to do it. not good relationship but don’t worry i’m still paying Tesla for the panels that’s not working.
  • @mike - It doesn't sound like you have a solar roof, but solar panels, a different system. Not sure if you want a solar roof installed, which replaces your entire roof, or you just posted in the wrong section.

    Not sure how the panels would cause the roof to fail, but it sounds like the roof is in poor condition. Hope you get it solved. I switched from panel solar to a solar roof as my roof was failing as well, but nothing to do with the panels. Tesla removed the old solar system, which was not installed by Tesla, as part of the job to install the solar roof.
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