Smaller 2 car Supercharger stations?

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I apologize if this has been discussed in depth, but I can't seem to do a search function on the site to find out. I have been a fan of Elon's companies for about the past 6 years or so (sold some Nastran FEA software to Space-X), and while not an environmentalist, I do appreciate cool and innovative engineering - and thus - have been a fan of Tesla ever since.

After seeing the webinar regarding the Superchargers, I thought to myself "I wonder if they have a smaller self sustaining version for only 2 cars?". The thought being they could be marketed/sold to national retail locations, quick serve food establishments, etc.

Does anyone know about the sales plans for the Superchargers? I'd be glad to help out ;-)


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    As far as I know, there are no sales plans. Tesla (though Solar City) will maintain them all. What happens when the chains purchase them is that they put in a few and then abandon them.
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    As for searching the site, try !

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