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Appalling/non-existent customer service

We have a fully pre-paid 20-year lease on our solar panels. The agreement was taken out with Solar City, who were great. However, now are selling our house and are trying to sign over the 'lease' to the new owners. The buyers, understandably, will not agree a closing date until everything is in place regarding the transfer of the lease to them.

I completed the forms to initiate the transfer as far in advance of the projected closing date as Tesla would allow. Now we find that it is utterly impossible to speak to anyone. After being on hold for AGES, you get a message saying that if this is not an emergency OR THE DAY OF CLOSING to call back some other time. This crap has been going on for weeks. Even if you select the "this is an emergency option" you STILL just get put on hold forever. This is utterly deplorable. How are we ever supposed to ever get to a day of closing if they won't respond?

Up until now we have been very happy with the panels, and were even talking about getting Tesla to install panels on our new home. But now I would not buy a bar of chocolate from them. I will be making it my mission to warn as many people as possible off having anything to do with Tesla. If you are considering spending any money with Tesla, close your checkbook and RUN. Some day you will need support for something, and then you will learn why they have lower prices than their competitors - they will take your money, install the panels, and then you will never hear from them again. They are hucksters.

I assume that we are not the only people having this issue. If you have found a way to make any progress with them, please let me know. Thank you.



  • Another great example why *not* to lease a residential solar PV system from *any* vendor. The transfer process is a nightmare. Talk to a realtor...having a *leased* solar PV system on a house listed for sale is a net negative to selling it. Many buyers won't touch it.

    If at all possible, pay cash and/or take out a loan to pay for it. Leases (and PPAs) can be quite problematic.
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