Pulling CyberTruck behind RV

Sorry, this may already have been discussed but I could not find any.

Is it possible to pull Cybertruck with all 4 wheels on the road.
This would be for using it as a "toad" behind a larger Diesel Motorhome.

If yes, would there be the possibility to charge while driving using the Regenerate function?
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  • You could technically regen while being towed, but that would destroy your RV's gas mileage.
  • This is from the Model 3 owners manual:

    The rear motor in Model 3 generates power when the wheels spin. Always transport Model 3 with all four tires off the ground. Ensure that the tires are unable to spin at any time during transport.


    I'm guessing the same will apply to Cybertruck.
  • ^^^ good point as to why it is very unlikely.

    I’ll add. There are a ton of RVs up here in Alaska. I don’t think I’ve seen a 1/2 ton truck being towed by Motorhomes. Really you want the shortest wheelbase for better rig in tow. Mostly see smaller cars, 2 door wranglers, compact cars, compact SUVs.
  • Well there's this guy...
  • thank you all for your posts. My replies:

    - if regen while towing would work MPG would not be a concern, because 7,6 mpg vs 7.5 mpg with a Diesel Super C RV (built on a class 8 chassis) is irrelevant.
    - can the Cybertruck pull 40,000# ?
    - my hope is that the CT in this feature/requirement is different from Model 3
    - we Texans LOVE our pickups and pull them everywhere especially behind RVs and a 1/2 Ton F 150 is no worse to pull than a Jeep Grand Cherokee, whereas small and compact cars (non 4x4) need to be put on a dolly, what a pain
    -- that combo in the sample picture IMHO is totally unsafe and probably illegal, too. The RV seems to be a front engine gas powered Motor Home in the 28-32 feet range. These RV seldom have towing capacity in excess of 5000#. If such a combo came to the attention of a TX State Trooper I am sure he would have it professionally towed from the road. In Texas it is legal to triple-tow if the total length of the combo is not more than 65 feet

    I hope, that Tesla CT engineering will consider allowing towing with four-on-the-ground without a distance limitation. Add regen as icing on the cake.
  • I would not suggest towing the Cybertruck, or any Tesla with the wheels on the ground. The faster the vehicle is moving, the more charge you will get from the regen. Just like any battery, charging generates heat and this can damage a Tesla within a pretty short amount of time.

    Now there is a developer code that you can enter in to a Tesla right now that actually disables a lot of the features such as regen, but it also disables pretty much all safety features. There just isn't a good way to tow a Tesla with the wheel spinning on the ground for more than a short distance at a low speed.

    The only options I could recommend would be to put the Cybertruck on a trailer or to trade in the RV for a trailer that the Cybertruck could pull.
  • Cybertrucks are built to tow planes and trains and F150s uphill.
    Watch me hitch up to that big diecast thing for molding MY rear ends, gonna pull it to Ohio. On AP.
  • What if you towed another cybertruck and used the regenerative power from the towed cybertruck to charge the other cybertruck. Its free energy im telling you.
  • Where'd I put that darned facepalm emoji...
  • @bayernrudi

    The CT is using at least one of the motors that's used in the Model 3. If you want to tow it, you'll probably have to put it on a trailer.

    Also, the picture I posted was a tongue in cheek response to ColeAK's wise
  • ^^^. There is a large Class A I see up here from time to time. It pulls a flat trailer with 2 side by sides pulling a ~18-20’ AL jet boat behind that. Triple rig.
  • I don't think my M3 is using regen when I have it in Neutral. Maybe the CT could be put in neutral and towed? Seems like if this was easy Tesla would have come out with a Tow Mode for all models.
  • Page 225 of manual indicates to never tow with wheels touching ground. Dont think that is going to change. You can call that a negative aspect of EVs. if only it was FWD?
  • Lowboy trailer.
  • I was watching “Long Way Up” last night. It’s a docudrama about two guys riding electric motorcycles from the southern tip of South America to LOs Angles. Their crew vehicles were Rivian trucks. On a pre-trip visit to the Rivian development facility the Rivian truck was being “tow charged”. I don’t remember the specifics, but the result was something like 2 hours operation for each hour towed.
  • @
    September 1
    Page 225 of manual indicates to never tow with wheels touching ground. Dont think that is going to change. You can call that a negative aspect of EVs. if only it was FWD?

    But Andy, if you had a flat main battery, you should be able to push start, like roll down a hill long enough that you could regen enough power to get going a few miles into town or a SC.

    I believe Nikola has been testing to that effect... :)
  • A trimotor Cybertruck is designed to tow everything
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