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Storm watch - how long to clear?

SF Bay Area - storm watch kicked in with last red flag warning as expected. But even though warning is over for a day or so and there are no others from NWS, system is still in storm watch mode. How long does it typically take for warning to clear and system to go back to “normal” mode where storm watch is no longer in control? Thanks in advance.


  • Also n SF Bay Area, mine has cleared. The last time it cleared right after the alert was canceled. This one persisted through what was originally the watch timeframe. It got canceled early.
  • You can always turn storm watch off at any time and your system will resume normal solar/battery function if grid support is not needed. I'm in Ca and recently utilized the stormwatch/grid charging overnight and in the morning solar took turned off stormwatch and went back to self-powered mode.
  • I'm in Honolulu, Powerwall went into Storm Watch early this morning. I switched it off in the App but it won't come out of Storm Watch mode. called support and they confirmed something strange was going on, escalated to tier 2 support, 1-2 day wait time...
  • North Bay (Napa). StormWatch has activated (and deactivated) several times in the past 2 weeks. Just activated (again) as of 1630 on 6 September due to extreme Heat and Fire warnings posted for my area.
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