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License plate and registration

Hi all, we bought our model X on june 15th this year and have not receive our registration and license plate. The temp license will be expired in 2 weeks. Who should we call? What is the numbers to contact dealers.. thanks in advance


  • Call the DMV? They are the ones making/sending the plates. I did hear of one rare case where a dealer didn't send the paperwork to the DMV. That's also possible with Tesla (who is not a dealer, but Tesla has showrooms and galleries). I hope you get it sorted out.
  • Mine arrived a week or so before expiration. The DMV sends to Tesla SC who then overnighted it to me. The SC was willing to send me another temporary if it didn’t arrive. With pandemic many states are allowing reg and licenses to expire without penalty. Good luck.
  • Got my car on Sept 30, 2020 and today is Oct 26, 2020. I hope to get my license plate and registration before Oct 30, that is when the temporary tag expired. Send Tesla dealership an email (via the sales person help in purchase the car) and had not hear back yet. 6 more days to go....
  • @rubyluna72 - a similar thing occurred to me on our MX picked up on Aug 15, 2019. As the 30-day temp tag was reaching it's expiration . . . I ended up reaching out to the service advisor in Chicago who provided me with the orientation for the new car at delivery since the customer service manager at that galleria was totally inept and would not call back to help remedy. The service advisor, in turn went around his boss's head and connected me to the SC assistant-manager. This resulted in a new temp tag arriving at our cabin in the UP of Michigan at the beginning of Oct as I was preparing to depart Michigan for our place in Memphis. The paperwork for the second temp tag for the car was being processed by the Tesla service center in Tyson Corners, VA (can't explain why they were involved) . . . but, since the 2nd replacement temporary tag failed to arrive as promised . . . the assistant mgr then got the Nashville galleria involved and new (third) temp tag arrived in the UP just before I departed in the first week of October and a new registration & plates arriving in Memphis by mid-October. This process usually runs on Full Self Driving without a problem . . . but, in the unlikely event of a problem you need to get someone involved without delay . . . best at the galleria where you picked up your car and where the original paperwork was processed. BTW, I kept copies of my numerous texts and emails in the glove box to show a law enforcement officer in the event I was stopped for driving with an expired temporary tag. Good luck!!
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