Solar Roof

Solar Roof in Redding, CA

Wondering if anyone in the Redding, CA area has the Solar Roof (v3) on their house? Would love to see it in person before purchasing if possible!


  • They look great and the brochure and photos found on line are great examples. Even the president of Tesla had them installed with 4 power walls for his family's 4 Tesla Cars and they look great and cost less than the same output and conventional roof offered by others. This is a new system but if the executives of Tesla are buying them, they must be good. There are a few in Fremont, California that were put in last December but with COVID -19 halting permits and panel production in New York, NY for a while, it may be a while before you see any in Redding. however, you could be first if you put down a deposit now. A quality asphalts roof and 8,000 watts of quality Solar panels cost $40K to $42K and the Tesla Glass Roof is under $34K for the roof with the solar built in.
  • @sparky - I got one of the first V3 solar roofs in the Bay area. I also had to see one before committing, but there were none to be had here. I went over to the Fremont factory where there is a test house behind bushes. I got a good look there and decided to go with it. Here are my writeups and photos if it helps:

    If you're down in the south bay, you're welcome to stop by. Use the contact link on my site. It's a bit dusty right now with the ash from the fires, but it is still putting out quite a bit of power today. On the last Wednesday when it was eerie orange and dark I got almost zero power. It was so dark the streetlights were on!
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