independent wheel steering and independent 4motors

so i asked if thay can make a version with independent wheel steering and independent 4motors that will give is the next gen level of control and performance no1 ever seen b4 ever in a truck + more u will get more return on regen braking + a long list of stuff no1 ever new u cud do with a truck like driving sideways or tank turns or my favorite is if u go air born u cant control it in the air to land it level with the ground beet that legacy auto


  • Anything is possible but unlikely from Tesla. I think one of the competitors offers 4 motors, but the cost is more than $100K and is still a prototype. More motors doesn't necessarily do anything for more regen - it's usually limited by what the battery can take and related electronics. With rear-wheel steering, it likely requires a narrower bed or wider vehicle. Also adds cost too.
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