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Tesla used car problems

I purchased a 2017 Model X from Tesla in July. Because of COVID, we did the touchless delivery and picked up the car in Fremont, CA. When we picked up the car, we noticed some issues right away. There was wear and tear on the interior and exterior trim. The autopilot did not work. The rear window rattles when you drive over any little bump. The driver side door rattles when when the window is down. Finally, the front right wheel makes a popping noise when we make a left turn.

We tried contacting our sales advisor, but that guy dodged all our calls and emails. We tried bringing it into service and the service folks told us that they could not repair many of the problems without a due bill. When I called Tesla new car sales, which is the only way to speak to someone about your car problems, they told me that Tesla does not do due bills anymore.

Anyone have a similar experience? How did you deal with it?


  • I went through a major hassle with used MX. They expect people to buy car based on 15 pictures and do not take responsibility after car is delivered. Sales advisors assigned are only for saying no to everything post delivery. My conclusion was, Tesla does not take care of its used car. People can request trade-in by posting few pictures of the car online. They don't care what is being traded-in. These car then get posted as used for sale after doing some minor adjustments but no major work. So one has to be careful buying used Tesla car.
  • I has a similar experience. I bought a 2019 X with 12,000 miles and paid $1000 to have it delivered to Charlotte. When I inspected it, the car was very rough with many large scratches. I argued with them about repairs but in the end, I didn’t trust them to make the car right. As of 9/20/20, the same car is on their website for $86,000(more than $5,000 more than I paid(black w black interior). Still trying to get my $1,000 back. Never buy a used Tesla with a personal inspection!
  • Should read WITHOUT a personal inspection
  • Very sorry to learn about your experience . . . must have been most frustrating. That said, permit me to make an editorial comment here . . . NEVER BUY ANY USED CAR (NOT JUST A TESLA) WITHOUT A PERSONAL INSPECTION.
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