Northern California

Help needed in the East Bay

Hey guys,
We are from Southern California, but my wife took our 2013 model S to the East Bay and she is taking care of her mom that was diagnosed with cancer. She needs to transport her to and back from the doctor and unfortunately her door handle failed. She still hears the motor, but the handle won't move, which suggests that the paddle gear failed. The car is out of warranty and I don't want her to spend $1k+ for a door handle. Is there anyone in the bay area that could help fix it or suggest a shop she could go to? I really appreciate it.


  • Sorry about your mother.

    In many cases, Tesla has a repair kit for the handle rather than handle replacement. The cost is quite a bit less, I think under $300. It may depend on what generation handle you have as well. The 2012 and early 2013 had a V1 handle that may need replacing to v3. I'd open a service order and they will come back with a cost - and you can then deiced if it's worth it or not. I don't know of a non-Tesla service that can fix these.
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