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Upgrading the HEPA filter

I have a S from Mid-2018 and it came with the (then) standard cabin filter. Shortly after, the standard became the big filter with the bio-hazard defense mode and upgrading was listed in the Tesla online shop for 500€ or so (I am in France). Since then I cannot find the information on upgrade anymore.
Since my 2 years service visit is coming shortly I have a few questions for you guys :
- Does Tesla change the filter as part of the service ?
- Is the upgrade still a possibility ?


  • The large filter is rated to last 6 years, so I expect very few have been replaced yet. The smaller in-cabin filter is rated for 3 years. I just had the small one replaced a few weeks ago in my car. I expect the upgrade is still available. If you want one, I suggest you just make a service appointment in the app and state you want the Bio-defense upgrade. Availability may be different in different countries.
  • TT,

    This is what I'm reading in my Model S Owner's Manual under "Maintenance Schedule" Page 187:

    • Cabin air filter replacement every 2 years
    • HEPA filter replacement every 3 years

    Not sure if there's a conflict with other sections of the OM or past versions.

    I'm at 36,000 and three years now and already called the SvC for a price quote on DIY HEPA replacement. $220 plus tax to buy the HEPA from Tesla and install myself.

    I had the cabin filter replaced at 2 years under the old annual service plan.
  • BTW- the $220 price is for HEPA filter change-out, not upgrade from no HEPA.
  • @Tropopause - Good catch in the manual. My numbers were from the tech as I asked about replacing the HEPA filter, and he said it's now 6 years (and 3 for the cabin filter). So I don't know if has changed since the manual was written or the tech had it wrong.
  • I'm waiting for the AQI (Smoke) to improve here in CA, then I'll pull out the filter & check it to see how black it is & saved our lungs. They were replaced a year ago so I'm sure they're fine but may be really black with all the smoke & ash in the air lately here in CA.
  • Saddly definitely a must in CA these days...and most likely in the future.
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