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Can Semi use a Supercharger at all?

Will the initial Semi be able to use Superchargers at all? Obviously Tesla won't want Semi drivers taking up all the superchargers, but if the cab had an extension to meet the charger, an empty Semi could still charge and get home in reasonable time and only take up two spots while charging. For lesser used superchargers that happen to be on cash trucking routes, this could be a real deal maker. Then Semi becomes a deal rather than a risk, and I personally would consider putting up the $20k to be a cab owner. It's almost trivial to make money owning a cab if Semi can use Superchargers.


  • The original Semi used a different connector that had the equivalent of 4 supercharger connectors. so it could charge at 1 MW. A supercharger connector would not fit, but I expect Tesla has a dongle that can take Supercharger connectors and feed it into the Semi. Doubtful it will be made for Semi owners, as one Semi would take up the space of 12 stalls!
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