Model X

Why the cream seats and not white?

Struggling with the choice if it comes to that. Cream seats, why not white? Does the cream age better with soiling?


  • Both black and white are awfully stark. Nothing wrong with white, and it's a very cool look in one sense. I don't think it has a problem getting dirty any more than other colors. Get what pleases you the most!

    I prefer the old gray or tan, but cream is my next choice if gray and tan are not brought back (which is unlikely). The cream color has a warmer visual feeling to me.
  • We've got cream seats and I love them. I've sat in the white seat Teslas and those feel like Dexter kill room. Cream seats are warm and cuddly. Definitely cream.

    p.s. I actually don't know if I have "cream" or "tan," it's been ~3 years. But bottom line, white looks pretty in pictures, but it's like staring at the sun all day in practice.
  • @teslatap & @broken_tesla are spot on. I have additionally heard some folks complain of the "blue" in blue jeans wearing off on the stark white seats. Our MX is pearl white with cream seats and we couldn't be happier with the choice. However, at the end of the day it's not what others think, but what you truly prefer that's important.
  • The switch from Tan (leather) to Cream (synthetic leather) occurred at the end of 2016. Tan is much darker than Cream. Both are nice!
  • thanks for the replies
  • if you are interested - i am selling brand new never installed TAPTES genuine brushed red leather seat covers. you can see their website to see how good they look. we sold our mx2017 before these were delivered... :/ now have no use for them. you can email me [email protected]
  • I own a Cream MX and I'm loving it! The white is nice, but has all the gloss ash wood that I don't like. The oak wood decor in the cream is modern and beautiful, especially when paired with the gunmetal grey interior trim. The cream looks less spaceship and more luxurious, but I don't think there is a difference in durability.
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