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Still Waiting Since Mid June... Very Frustrated!

2.5 months later, and I still don't have a permit....really disappointed in Tesla. Their customer service is really bad; no communication at all!

I was told I would have my permit by Aug 11 at the latest. After not hearing from them by Aug 20, I called them. I was told by Tesla they are waiting for the City. After waiting another 5 days, on Aug 25 I decided to contact the City myself. The city told me they sent correction back to Tesla on Aug 15 and haven't heard back! I immediately contacted Tesla, and was told they would look into this and get back to me. It's been a week and no one has contacted me.

Now that it's September I'm getting really nervous. I was told the install would be about 4 to 6 weeks after the permit, and that the whole process would be about 4 months from the day of signing the application.

I need the roof installed and operational before the end of the year if I'm going to get the 26% tax credit!

What is going on with them?


  • Me too. I've been in the permit process since March and still waiting. I told them that if they cant get it done this year that i would not be moving forward with the process.
  • My advisor did not respond to any inquiry from me at all but I got someone from the Solar Roof general inquiry to look up my order, they told me that I have to wait at least 5 to 6 months for installation in my area based on the Foster City (SF Bay Area) install team backlog. I pretty much gave up on Solar Roof installation this year and trying to decide whether to wait for next year install or just go with panels and get the 26% tax credit, Tesla may even give up on Solar Roof altogether by next year since they are not doing volume installation.
  • in other words, I should consider canceling!
  • Cities are back logged in permit applications and business licenses required to do work in the San Francisco Bay Area with everything "on line" and no "in person" permitting allowed. COVID - 19 is messing everything up and delays are very bad in all construction fields right now. But, if your roof is not leaking or can be covered for the next rainy season with a tarp, when things get straitened out, you could have your solar roof for less. My 6 moths to construction date passed and I was offered the same roof for $400,00 less if I could wait and would re-sign a new contract. Now if they miss this new dead line, on the 6 months, we will see. I know the pandemic has really messed up construction timelines. Material shortages, labor, permits are all accounting for longer wait times for quality products and services. This is a fully re-designed new electrified roof and it could take a little longer to get the best value roof out there. is the Best worth the wait?
  • I understand the city is slower than usual right now, but that's not my issue. My issue is the fact that Tesla's customer service has not idea of what is going on. After weeks of emails and leaving voicemails, someone from Tesla finally called me back last week, but all they could tell me is that it shows in their system that they are still working on my permit! Funny thing is I called the city myself about 4 weeks ago, and they told me there was very minor corrections sent back to Tesla....
    Thanks for letting me know about the $400, I will look into that.
  • I started my roof process a few months ago. The city with my permit was the holdup. They had no clue what they were looking at and had to contact a larger municipality for more info. This took a bit of time, especially since covid hit, they are running a skeleton crew. HOWEVER..... Tesla's customer service does suck.I have had to initiate every step of the way. This includes emails, follow up emails, text messages, phone calls, you name it. Once I follow up, they seem to be very prompt to take care of me. I plan on posting a full review on my adventure. FWIW: My roof tear off was supposed to start on Sept. 05, 2020 and has been delayed several times due to weather. This is understandable as it has rained 29" here in just a few months. Seems to never stop raining lately. My new start date is Oct. 05, 2020.
  • Yup. That's one thing that I always stress to people: Act as your own Project Manager, and take personal ownership of the process. Right now, it's likely that no one else will.

    It's a shame, because my projects (PV with Solar City [2016] and PWs with Tesla [2019]) were entirely turnkey. I just signed a few documents, and wrote a check when they were done.

    Things seem to have gone downhill since then. I blame COVID.
  • Finally got a hold of someone yesterday. Apparently plans have yet to be re-submitted to the city!!! It's been 5 weeks and the city plan checker told me in mid-August that the corrections were minor! Regardless, the Tesla rep told me yesterday that the current install date is 3 to 5 months from day of permit approval! He mentioned how Tesla is completely focused on the panel side and not the roof side! I signed documents early June and on the contract is states install will be no later than 6 months after signed date. Now not only will I be losing out on the 26%, my city has an incentive program that requires my system to be installed 9 months after date on the application. I will lose $2,500 if not installed by March. Good thing is I haven't paid a penny so I can technically cancel any time. Terrible customer service and business practice. They have spent months working on my project and are willing to let a customer walk away.
  • You won't lose the 26% Federal incentive. It drops to 22% for 2021. You'll only lose 4%.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > You won't lose the 26% Federal incentive. It drops to 22% for 2021. You'll only lose 4%.

    Right, but it's still 4%. I feel like Tesla should pick the difference up. In June I was told that in full confidence that it would be installed by the end of the year.
  • I was told up to 60 days after signing contracts. That was like 4 months ago now. Not likely i will get it installed before the end of this year.
  • Tesla uses local sub contractors to do the old roof removal, any roofing repairs and put on the wood sheeting that they mount their panels on. Those contractors can be tied up on other jobs when Tesla says "jump" and they need time to finish up other roofs in progress. The estimates, that Tesla Give for possible extra costs you can expect are "Low Balled" possibly because they work out of Las Vegas, Nevada and look at the Nation wide average costs of putting on the topper or stripping an old roof. They gave me a price of $2,500.00 in possible extra costs for this but the actual extra costs for the roof topper and stripping the old roof have come to $8,004.00 so far and that does not include the repairs for dry rot under the eaves here in Union City, California as part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area were Labor and materials seem to cost more.
  • Lakersfreak, Unfortunately, unless you get it in writing, promises "in full confidence" are worthless.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > Lakersfreak, Unfortunately, unless you get it in writing, promises "in full confidence" are worthless.

    well technically the contract states "installation 6 weeks to 6 months from authorized date".
  • Sounds like you'll be able to go after breach of contract after six months. (This assumes that "authorized date" is well-defined.)
  • Breaking News!~ after almost 4 months I have permits! Now waiting for them to tell me when I can schedule install.
  • Congrats! Looks like you are going to get it done before yearend. Please post your installation experience. I’m still waiting hopelessly but different advisors said different things, maybe I’ll get lucky.
  • My install date is Dec 9 to Dec 30. What is interesting is my new advisor (4th one now, not sure why every few weeks it's someone new), said if for any reason it's not installed by Jan 1, they will give me a check for the 4% difference. She also said to call her anytime, and she's available any day any time. So I'm guessing the sales and install advisors are great, it's just the permit advisors that provide the terrible customer service. I just don't understand why there's a lack of communication between the teams. Two weeks ago I was told install would be 3 to 5 months from the day I get my permit, and here I am installing 2 months after my permit.
  • I'd be willing to bet that the advisors quickly move on to greener pastures, after getting sick of being constantly bombarded with complaints about scheduling delays.
  • Surprisingly enough Tesla called me and told me if they don't get it installed by the end of this year, they will send me a check for the 4% difference. I am happy and content for now. Hoping that the install and everything else goes smoothly from here on out.
  • Holy carp! That's AWESOME!
  • on site inspector came last week. Spent a few hours looking at stuff, but said overall everything looks good and he doesn't anticipate my price going up. Now I am just waiting to hear from Tesla after they review his notes. I was told it will take several weeks.
  • Oh, and I'd get that "we'll pay you the 4% if not completed in 2020" in WRITING.
  • My installation is being held up because they have to show that the solar roof can meet Category 5 winds of over 165mph (we live in South Florida). Right now, the Tesla Solar Roof is good for up to 150mph. I'm in Month 3... and they don't think they'll get any certification until maybe Spring 2021 at the earliest.
  • 3 weeks after my assessment I got my revised fee. A whopping $5,000 more to put plywood on entire roof. Apparently I have planking which isn't good enough for the solar roof. My entire roof is about 2,000 sq-ft so $2.50 a sq-ft for plywood seems steep, but I'm two weeks away from install, what can I do at this point after waiting 5 months? I wish the sales people in June would've provided me a better ballpark estimate; I was told it would only cost me $2,000 more if I did need plywood. Oh well.
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