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MCU replacement takes more than a month

The MCU from my Tesla S 2017 broke down last month. The mid console was fully black and I had no turn signals. As it is not legal to drive without turn signals, my car was brought on the 17th of August to the Tesla repair center in The Hague, the Netherlands.

They could not repair the MCU, and then I got every day updates that I would get the next day an update. Now the Tesla app gives the following message:
"Waiting for Parts Estimated completion: Sep 17th. 12:30".

This means that my car will be more than a month under repair!

Are there more Tesla S owners with the same issue?


  • They are replacing a lot of MCUs and they are back ordered.
  • The parts department has always been one of their major flaws.

    Paging akikiki - you have some questions to ask.
  • @bart60, I collect info on MCU failures. Can you share a little info about your car with me, please?
    Battery size:
    Mileage at failure:
    Car build date:
    (Car build date on driver's door opening sticker, upper corner, no label - mm/yy)
  • @barrykmd, You rang o' great one? What can I do for you sir?
  • Just had the MCU2 and infotainment install on my 9/16 built p100DL.... Low mileage 21k. Was having blackouts and various non functions like no wifi connecting and doors not unlocking in presence of the fob. All is now working at blazing speed. The browser now functions. No am/FM but every station I need pops up with TuneIn . My car is a keeper for at least another five years probably longer. Thrilled
  • @judge, from your description, yours was showing signs of failure, with the black screen and wifi issue. Good move with MCU2. I track MCU failures. What's your car's build date, please?
  • > @akikiki said:
    > @bart60, I collect info on MCU failures. Can you share a little info about your car with me, please?
    > Battery size:
    > Mileage at failure:
    > Car build date:
    > (Car build date on driver's door opening sticker, upper corner, no label - mm/yy)

    Battery size: 75
    Mileage: 84.000 km
    Car build: no sticker, but must be november 2017
  • @bart60 - while your car is at the SvC ask them to install the build date door sticker.
  • @bart60, thanks.
  • 12/2016 build 90D. 44,000 mi. Kept in garage almost 100% since mid-March, connected to Tesla HPWC. Keeping SOC About 50%. Now unable to turn on. Only the dashboard shows life; center display kaput. No wifi connectivity either. Appointment for service next Thursday 10/29. I mentioned that either a tow or ranger visit would be needed, as the car will not move under its own power. No trouble unlocking doors. MCU failure?
  • Thank you plugzin, exactly the info that I am trying to collect. Best of luck to you.
  • 2017 S75D with 41K miles. Always garaged. Main screen is dead. I had a few warning signs where it was dead for a few minutes at a time and then came back to life.
  • @dsteal, sorry to hear. Still under warranty? If not, cost will likely be less than $400. By the way, what's your car's build date, please? mm/17
  • It's within 4 years so it's still under warranty. Call your SC quickly to schedule a free replacement.
  • If all goes to plan...and that is questionable based on prior experience, it will take about 25 days since the SeC ordered the daughter board to installation. Appt on the 30th. 2915 MS 85D with 36k, garaged and covered, rarely sees high or low temps.
  • mine was done in 2 weeks by a ranger
    easy peasy
  • Yup. I’m surprised that as of now they want me to go to the service center instead of sending a ranger. I have to wait over a week for the appointment which isn’t great.
  • @dsteal, asking you to come to the SC allows them more readily available resources to fix yours. Sometimes they have more difficult than other times. At the SC they can put other techs to work on it. Its to your benefit that they want to do this one as the SC.
  • That makes sense. I don't mind taking the car in. It's not far. Hopefully they have a loaner I can drive home. I do wish that I didn't have to wait a week+ to fix this. But it's not the end of the world. It's not like I drive that much these days.

    I'm actually glad it failed completely. I had a feeling it was getting close. I hope once they replace the MCU the problem will not come back.
  • This fix, be it the daughter board or complete MCU1, (with new daughter board) will last (its estimated) 8+ years without incident. The eMMC on the daughter board is superior quality to the original and is 8 times larger in capacity, allowing for far more breathing room as firmware and files grow. That's a long story to say, yes, you will be pleased with the repair.
  • @akikiki Thanks for that. Appreciate the info.
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