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Solar Panels Installation Timeline- AZ

I just went through installing solar panel (8.16kw) on my house in Phoenix AZ. I was looking everywhere and couldn't find too much info on how long it takes so I figured I will record my timeline, so here it is :

June 19 -Made an order
June 23 - Signed layout agreement
June 26 - Roof inspection done (everything was fine)
June 27- Singed APS (electric utility) agreement and applied for a loan (I had a name misspelled in the system so I lost few days applying for a loan but it didn’t hold rest of the process back)
6/30-Tesla sent for APS approval
7/2- Finally signed and got approved for a loan from Sunlight
7/14- Got Loan documents to review and sign
7/20- Signed loan docs
7/24- Permits obtained from City
7/25- Told that Tesla is reviewing contract to send it over
8/4 Application submitted to APS
8/6 Approved
8/6 - Scheduled earliest installation for Aug 25, but I got a call and it was scheduled for the next day
8/7- Install done (7am to 11:30am)
8/11- Fire inspection passed
8/12- City inspector passed
8/17- Final docs verified, got the green light to install the meters
8/19- Failed to install, APS couldn’t access my yard even though gate was unlocked.
8/20- Meters installed finally
8/22- Turned the system on at 8am


  • Congrats! You're in one of the best places for solar!
  • I only with So Cal was the same. I've had panels on my roof now for 42 days and they are not powered up and Tesla doesn't seem to really care. I've called more times than I can count and I get a different reason every time. I'm ready to tell them to take them off and I'll start over with someone else. By the way, my process started on May 6, yes 4 months ago.
  • Looks, Your guy are lucky. I ordered my started May 18 and it's going nowhere. It's still seating at Permit. No approval from the utility cause the diagram doesn't meet the requirement (What the F... ). I can't believed it they don't even understand the code (requirement).
  • @brianholman - I can't say if your issue with Tesla is valid, but many have problems with the utility, not Tesla. If the system is installed, it sounds like the utility is the holdup? Once installed, PG&E gave approval in about 7 days and I turned it on myself. Since we were already on a rate plan that handled solar, that may have helped speed the process along. I suspect some utilities also do not want solar connected, as they don't make as much money - so they drag their feet. I don't know about your SoCal utility. Anyway, I hope you can get it resolved. Sounds like a pain!
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