Southern California

Need a new Supercharger

Where would you like to see a new Supercharger in SoCal?

My number one choice would be Big Bear Lake. The climb up the mountain sucks up a lot of kWt. The many San Diego and Los Angeles tourists making their first trip up can get caught short. There are no commercial charging stations and extremely limited plug-in charging options.

Until Big Bear Lake gets a Supercharger station, I recommend topping-off at San Bernardino before climbing the mountain.


  • This is my number 1 request as well. A busy winter resort currently with no public chargers. If you plan on staying more than a couple nights in the winter I'm pretty sure you will be having some extreme range anxiety.
  • The massive parking lot by the vons and starbucks, or somewhere near the main village would be great spots.
  • Yeah Big Bear needs one bad! Currently you gotta charge at the place you are saying from a 15/125. Destination chargers would be a good start.

    Id also like one added at the Spectrum (where 405 and 5 meet). There is one up 405, but its Gen 1, really slow one.
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